Friday, March 25, 2011

Universities and Passwords

I wasn't posting for a while. This is caused by something called "MDS", which stands for "Memory Deficiency syndrome" one of the symptoms is forgetting things like passwords. 
While I was focusing on doing nothing for three of my five Spring Break days, I thought about too many things to remember (see above), but I’ll do my best:
So many colleges to check out, so little time... my father loves making fun of colleges. 
"See all that construction? Keep in mind this is in an economic depression", and other things of the nature would come out of his lips commonly. He was talking about the construction going on at UNC Charlotte, a smallish college that, to my experience coming from a high school of four hundred, was gigantic in every way. I could see what he meant. During the tour, the tour guide spoke of the school's intent to start building a stadium in the coming summer, with plans to finish construction by 2013.
My school planned to build a stadium, poured almost twelve years of money into the project, and our bleachers aren't even padded. They don't even have cup holders. With four million dollars, you'd think they'd do more with it. Maybe it's the money. They say money doesn't go as far anymore in today's economy. I'd say someone took our money and broke its knees. Ever since, it's been paraplegic.
Back to the university. Its crosswalk poles both beep and vibrate. I want to ram home the point that they vibrate. Upon asking the tour guide, he happily stated they were for blind folk. I kept my mouth firmly shut to keep from suggesting that (since the tour guide also told us we should never walk alone through the university grounds) a blind person walking alone across a street would be showing less sense than a sighted person dodging a squirrel. My father then expressed a nugget of truth, “how many of these kids do you think are blind, and how many of those do you think are walking around alone?”
This is only to say I love universities, because all of this excess spending leads to excess opportunities for me to leech off of their system for four years. I find myself afflicted with junioritis (a word which insists on being autocorrected to “uniformities), which, paired with the MDS, causes problems.
By the way, UNC Charlotte and Duke’s campuses are BEAUTIFUL. Prime real estate, both of which cultivate a sizeable population of squirrels, which aren’t all that afraid of humanity (for better or for worse)
More random thoughts to come.

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