Friday, June 22, 2012

The Intent of the Action

Today, I come with a ponder and an answer to many questions of mine. First the ponder.

A good friend of mine, who happens to be an Atheist, threw me a question that I could not answer, and still lack a solid answer for: God, in the Old Testament, seems to have murdered thousands of people for the smallest things. A humorous Youtube video shows the “condemning” behavior of my God:

This is still incredibly troubling to me, and I will make a point of explaining all the instances in that video in future times. But that's man weeks of research, and I fear the results.

But that's depressing, onto a new revelation of mine. Recently, I’ve noticed that God doesn't judge based on actions. If such were the case, we'd generally be on good footing with Him. A murderer would have something of a fright on his judgment, but the rest of us would probably be slightly better off. No, God judges on intent. He judges the millions of synapse firings in our minds, and the pistol firings outside mean very little. This agrees with my notion that God's expectations are much different for each person (this is not to say that you need to do more than simply believe in Him for salvation, no that's still there.), just as there are many different people on this Earth. The Murderer and the Liar, thus, are on even standing for the father.

Let me explain it as thus. I have a quite (metaphorical) ravishing, beautiful woman I am in a relationship with. We both know she only drinks diet liquids, due to her want to lose a few pounds. She and I do things (my parents would kill me if they knew I was doing them) often, and I happen to feel extremely guilty about this, due to the guilt I have based upon my morality. She doesn't have said reservations, but is deeply disgusted by my binging on Coca Cola after said fooling around.

I ask her why she feels such a hatred for Coca Cola, as it is simply something that God put on this earth, and she asks me the same about the frolicking we do.

I tell her than the floor-shaking is wrong, according to my religion, to which she responds that Coca Cola is just as bad, for it isn't the best thing to be putting in your body (your body Is a temple, after all).

I tell her that Coca Cola is not a bad thing, since God allows us to drink it. Before she can reply, I interject that I know she'd say just the same thing about the sheet slamming.

We both sit there awkwardly for a few minutes, each knowing that we do not think of each others vices as the demons they are.

I take anther sip of Coca Cola, then a particularly intelligent shade of the color Blue wanders over. It tells us that maybe it doesn't matter the action of what you do, but the intent behind the action. It's okay for me to drink Coca Cola, so long as I don't feel a problem about it. But if doing so hurts her, and I know of the damage it does to her, then my intent turns negative.

Much the same, If we play Rugby under the covers, and I know it's wrong, then I am doing both her and myself wrong. It is up to the people who find things wrong to tell others of their errors, but with the knowledge that everyone has vices unbearable to others. Of course, this tends to allow anyone to simply rationalize anything, and then become desensitized to the act. I didn't say Christianity wasn't a rankly terrifying concept.

It's not the action, but the intent behind that defines you. There is a saying that goes, “When a man looks upon a plate of ham and eggs and lust after it, he hath already committed breakfast in his heart!”
That saying would tend to agree with my above statement.

In other news, I’m going off to upstate New York to launch a fifteen foot rocket weighing in at 500 lbs in three weeks! It's going to be amazing, and I’ll have plenty of video and pictures! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A New Venture

These last few weeks have been eventful. I have a new summer project to look forward to, I am going to a mission trip with my church family, and I have actually found something I'm actively passionate about.
First, the mission trip is Mountain T.O.P. No, I have no idea what the acronym stands for.
Second, I am going to construct a suit of armor over the summer break, just to give myself something to do. The inspiration came over me as I was playing Vindictus, a visually realistic multiplayer online game in three dimensions. I was looking at one of the more complex suits of armor, wondering how one could make it in real life. I was looking through the other sets of armor in the game, when I came across this:

I thought, “Wow. That's so simple, I could do that!” while looking at the chest piece. So far, I've contacted the SCA and am about to contact Medieval Times and the Renaissance Fair for assistance and mentorship on this venture. I have also bought a thousand rings with which to create chainmail, which seems simple enough, albeit tedious.
More updates to come.  

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