Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Passion 2012 Songs

Forty thousand packed into the dome,
singing so loud, the echo stacks,
losing their voices for His renown,
The praise so loud, sets my ribs to racks!

First, met me get the new songs out of the way. Chris Tomlin has a whole smack of new, amazing songs, half of which I have no names for. “White Flag”(the Passion 2012 album name), “Lay Me Down”, “YHWH”(It's spelled out, though I prefer not to use that name in its' wholeness), and others. Also, there's a new song, which will be released to the UK and US pop charts, called “27 Million”, which exposes the evils of human trafficking through rap and the Passion 2012 audiences' singing.
(I express my apologies to Christy Nockles, Matt Redman, Kristian Stanfill, Charlie Hall, and David Crowder Band. I realize I have a slight Tomlin addiction, and am working to broaden my horizons to be exposed to other expressions of God's glory.) leaked "white Flag" song, listen before it gets shut down!
Half a Georgia Dome created an interesting echo in the main area. One person would be talking, and the last four syllables would trail the one being spoken. When there was singing, though, the sounds would be insane. I stayed silent for five seconds, and the sheer noise from everyone's mouths shook the stadium. I had my camcorder out for a song, and the audio overloaded constantly.
Passion 2012's songs brought to light a very interesting thing about me. On the first day there, I made the comment to my sister that the songs seemed simple to me, lacking in any depth. My sister took offense to that, saying I didn't look into the lyrics enough, and that I was being shallow in my criticisms. I was of the opinion that I did analyze the lyrics.
On the second day there, though, I realized two stunning truths, the first about praise music, the second about my own walk of faith.
Let me talk about the second first. Second, I realized I was much too impregnated with the truths of the music to hear the depth of them. This is not to say I have a high horse I ride to show my faith, I merely state that I have been born and raised with the deep truths, and thus have never pondered them. The power of the songs is thus lost to me, though I did my best to lose my voice finding the meaning behind them. I guess divine understanding doesn't come with a decibel reader.
First, praise songs, for the most part, are very simple (again, in my opinion). The truths in Christianity, unless you go very in depth into a particular story, to me seem simple. It's the explanations that are deep and meaningful. Telling someone to love your neighbor is a very simple thing; It's explaining it that takes hours. There's a poem or song about this conundrum somewhere...

More on Passion 2012 soon! Next: the speakers, and the subjects they spoke upon!

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