Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A New Venture

These last few weeks have been eventful. I have a new summer project to look forward to, I am going to a mission trip with my church family, and I have actually found something I'm actively passionate about.
First, the mission trip is Mountain T.O.P. No, I have no idea what the acronym stands for.
Second, I am going to construct a suit of armor over the summer break, just to give myself something to do. The inspiration came over me as I was playing Vindictus, a visually realistic multiplayer online game in three dimensions. I was looking at one of the more complex suits of armor, wondering how one could make it in real life. I was looking through the other sets of armor in the game, when I came across this:

I thought, “Wow. That's so simple, I could do that!” while looking at the chest piece. So far, I've contacted the SCA and am about to contact Medieval Times and the Renaissance Fair for assistance and mentorship on this venture. I have also bought a thousand rings with which to create chainmail, which seems simple enough, albeit tedious.
More updates to come.  

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