Thursday, September 27, 2012

My God is an Initiator.

This post was inspired by the image below, and both describes my feelings about my religion and inspires this post.

I once drew during class. It was a tessellation, and it was one of the most detailed things I ever put onto paper in a fifty-minute setting. It was a simple pinwheel, but I expanded it, using a set length increment to increase its size, I very meticulously worked at it, getting the lines perfect. I added more and more complexity, finding that the patterns I added to it synthesized with the old ones, becoming a more intense pattern, which expanded and contracted multiple times, before finding its happy end in the middle, where I started.

Inspired by this, I went home and expanded further, going into the third dimension. I no longer have this, as it was made with Lego sticks, but upon completion, I had a retractable ovular third-sphere, which, due to the seemingly random color choices I made, looked like an eye – black pupil, green iris (with many blue and red imperfections), and white background. The extra dimension was unintentional, but the physical pieces, unhindered by the second dimension I drew in class, stretched to make this amazing creation. Intrigued, I reversed the pattern near the corners of the eye, using other sticks I colored myself, now intending a plan for this.

In short, I made a face, it was quite large, and very flimsy. Sadly, the thing disintegrated, and I forgot the patterns I used. But, for that brief moment in time, I was god over something; I used an intentional pattern to make something I found satisfying. It was only much later, staring at the pile of Legos pulled apart by gravity's lure, that I made the connection of an overarching Creator. For I, with my limited means, made a beautiful thing within a single day, and which didn't last very long. I ignored it, and it went into shambles. But my God (I would go further into explaining this God, but that's not the purpose of this blog post) made the world, and did not leave it alone.

For, true perfection is something which is added to constantly. I could have added more structural stability to my creation, but the stability would have damaged the face of my creation, and would not have made it beautiful in my eye. I also could have stayed with my creation, not only maintaining, but expanding further, using my patterns to make the rest of the body; my God did, and so much more.

He made not only me, but he made every single person on Earth, every fleck of dust in space, and every phenomenon. All of it is by his hand; every eruption, every downpour, every birth is observed and maintained by Him, and it all follows patterns of such unimaginable complexity that, using human words and terms, I would shame myself by attempting to describe it (though I will indeed attempt to).

Not only did he create it but, through a combination of the most complex algorithms and structures, he put forth patterns that replicate themselves, that increase in complexity, all by themselves. He is not only the Creator, but the Ultimate Initiator; Creation sometimes starts as a simple, small pattern, which expands exponentially by itself. But the Creator, the Initiator, stays with it, until the Creation is mature enough to give praise to its creation; at that time, the Creator, gracious and pleased by His Creation's praise, continues to expand, adding his signature to multiple parts of this new sub-reality. Eventually, this Creation becomes so complex that it meets the Creator's complexity, and melds with it. Even still, the Creation understands its subservience to its Creator.

My God happened to allow certain parts of this Creation to partake in His reality directly, upon their expiration in the sub-reality. If I join him when my tenure in this world expires, I will thakn him directly, for creating a Creation of such complexity as to allow for sub-realities to spawn within themselves; to allow a child such as myself, half asleep in a morning class, to build a miniature reality in fifty minutes, then to take that reality and expand it within a day to become something I didn't even imagine possible, which I could passively expand by simply letting the patterns I created take hold.

This is my God, who guides His Creation's creations.  

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