Friday, April 15, 2011

Biases (To a Friend)

Today was apparently a “Day of Silence” for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transvestite group. The last half of that sentence was very awkward for me to type. The event, as far as I could tell, was an effort to remain silent through the entire day to raise awareness for anti-gay bullying. Apparently, staying dead quiet through the day is a great way to tell somebody you disagree. I thought speaking was a bad enough idea.
I didn’t hear of it until a friend of mine told that she did not participate in the activity. In retaliation, many of these peaceful protestors were reportedly extremely nasty to her, and, knowing the tendency of humans to be very self-righteous, I assume she speaks truth. The silent protestors protested her voice. The quiet disdainers saw her vocalism as the problem. Her friends rejected her. Her peers broke ties with her.
Keep in mind; these are peaceful protesters seeking equality and friendship.
Today I turn an eye of sadness and ridicule on the ridicule and sided conflict of the world. Everyone has an opinion on something, even Switzerland. If a Swiss man wants to disagree with me on that point, then you just proved my point. I’m not going to speak of racial arguments; instead I will speak on intellectual ones.
In keeping with the mould, the example above shows that both sides of an argument can be equally wrong. Just like with the happy-go-lucky Israelis, nobody really knew who started it. On group raided the other out of <insert land here>, and of course the other group can’t just let it go. This mockery of religion provides an amazing example of how even people claiming peace can be just s vicious as those claiming war.
Or, an issue closer to home, that insane preacher down in Florida burned those Qurans at last, signing the death warrants of several of his Christian brothers in Afghanistan. He did this with full knowledge of the ramifications, against the wise advice of every single other Christian in the world. He stooped to the human instinct. You belittle, you insult those who you disagree with.
Now, I won’t go on about how Christians are more accepting and kind, because I don’t want you to be a victim of death by hypocrisy. I also won’t say that any group in this world is any better at being the wise men of the world. No color is better at discerning between the peoples of the world.
The peoples of the world, though, all know silently that they are better. (Of course, I’m not talking about you. I’m of course speaking about everyone else, but you, oh blog reader, are the epitome of discernment and intellect). 
It takes a considerable amount of people, though, to collectively right a wrong. Back in the medieval ages, the dukes and duchesses didn’t win wars alone; they got an army of believers. In today’s world, wars are fought in the Europes and the North Americas of the world with signs and organized events. No such greater evil has ever plagued this world. It doesn’t matter the percentage of LGBT (20-ish percent?) are present in America; obviously if you have entire high schools going suddenly quiet, people will think the percentage is much higher.
I will also refrain from launching into a lengthy attack on homosexuality; that’s another post for another time. But if people on both sides are fighting tooth and nail against each other, while both sides preach a will to return to kindness and acceptance, there is a serious disconnect.
My friend didn’t want to join in on something she felt was wrong. It doesn’t matter if the rest of the world was rude to her friends, she peacefully protested a peaceful protest. The peaceful protestors scoffed and scolded her for her protest of a protest. Shame goes full circle. 

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