Wednesday, July 27, 2011

20,000 Letters

So, today is the start of the most important and vast undertaking in my life. More on this later, a quick recap of the life of JHBlancs:
I type this message hours after I returned from the greatest days of my life. Bigstuf Camps put on their annual retreat in Panama City Beach, Florida. 1,497 people bathed in God's glory, and only one got stung by God's little blue jellyfish. God's little child who was stung by said Godly Jellyfish will survive, though. Bigstuf Camps partners with 410 Bridge to make the retreat a chance to raise awareness and get children interested about helping them.
Here's where it gets amazing. The third day,t hey revealed that the Daraja choir of Africa could not come this year. They described the choir like this:
“410 bridge wasn't even looking when they found them. The teacher of the school saw great potential in them to sing and dance simultaneously, and taught them how to. 410 Bridge came across them and realized their potential. They organized the choir, and brought them to America, where they exploded. They were called “Daraja”, meaning “Bridge”, because they were bridging the two countries.
“Now, they couldn't come this year because of some stupid politics. The minister of Education isn't letting them come, because he thinks they'll stay in America. He keeps throwing up worthless excuses, but we need to konnekt (the theme of this year's Bigstuf Camp was “Konnekt”.) with him. So, we can't do anything top extreme, so we'll just ask you to send letters to him. They can be as long of as short as you want, anything would help.”
Now, about this moment, I heard the God beacon go off. He was knocking. As soon as the worship ended, I bolted for the beach, and, on the sand, I said, yes Lord? He answered:
I've been called on the Lord to help these children of Daraja. I need twenty thousand letters. If you know anybody in ministry, or anyone who can help me, OR IF YOU JUST WANT TO SEND A SHORT LETTER, I will graciously accept anything. Send any help to:
"Dear MoE of Kenya:
<something about Daraja's want/need to come to America, along with reasons why. throw anything suitable into the mix, i will not augment it>
sincerely, ____"
I will need over forty churches to help in this endeavor. You can write more than one letter- write forty, please. God's given me something I cannot do alone.
God be with you. Amen and Amen.  

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