Saturday, July 16, 2011

A word on the Humble Front

Today, I take a look at something that, once brought on the table, instantly scandalizes everyone at it. It's been used as an accusation that inevitably falls back on the accuser, and I myself cannot laugh at anyone who blunders so. I speak on Humbleness.
Being humble is not something you strive for, and, if you are, then you go about the goal wrong. Being humble is a state of being closely related to subservience, mainly because that's a key part to being humble. The thing that sets humbleness apart from servitude is that you enjoy the latter in silence. You can strive to be humble, though I feel you truly attain this quality when you stop looking for it.
Obviously, you can't just walk up to somebody and tell them that your best quality is that you are humble. You also cannot walk around with a sign declaring you being humble. It's one of those non sequitors in life, when used by yourself about yourself.
It's interesting, how much we come across this word, or variations of it.

That's it. What, you were expecting something you haven't heard before? I'm too tired for provacative writing.

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