Friday, November 18, 2011

A Poem For Today

Since I need to post something, having not done so in several weeks, I seek to do so. Understand, though, that I have not been inspired as of recently to write anything but poetry. Here is a sample. It is the theme poem for Mount Pisgah's literary magazine titled, “Defying Gravity”. I was one of the voices against such a name, because I feel it is cliched. But I digress, here is:

What if..
To defy gravity was to turn around,
to jump off a cliff and never touch the ground?
To go up and never get down?
To go right, when they go left,
the straight and narrow, whilst they cleft,
to be right when they are wrong,
and you both knew it all along!

Once you were asleep; now, awake,
free yourself, see the day,
the world is affected by the choices you make,
so stand up, stand straight, and walk the way,
walk in the sky, liberate!
Bump shoulders with the showman fate!

God will see you, though you not him,
his son gives you wings from the great I AM,
though these not be wings of flesh and bone,
these be wings of a mind well honed.

tell every city, meadow, and glen,
that they are forever forgiven,
the cyclic wrath, the cyclic hate,
with that one word, it dissipates!

Defy the norm in human sense,
aim yourself for godliness,
that high road we can never reach,
but still aim brothers, I beseech,
for in that search, one may find,
perfect union with the one divine,
and in this godless city and age,
that is truly a remarkable change!

(Also, I never knew I could center align something in Blogspot. Learn a new thing every day.)
(Note: I will do commissions and requests for poetry, depending on the subject matter.)

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