Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bobby Musil

I am a man blessed to know someone so close to Jesus that he burns with His light. This an is a man after God's own heart. This man is the second most amazing and unique person I know, second to my savior. This man took a hammer and chisel, and carved value into my life. He taught me to live my life in a way that asks a question that demands an answer. He taught me that perfect people don't need Christ, and that everyone does. He has, on multiple occasions, uprooted my misconceptions with the simplest truths. I had been aimless before, unsure of my place in the Book of Life, and he grabbed me and showed me my gifts, my passions. He has also been a great friend, confidant, mentor, leader, and father. He is a man about whom I will ponder even to my dying day.
This man announced he is leaving my life today. I’m not sure what he was expecting, but he said he wasn't expecting the applause we gave him. I knew for a fact that God had, has, and will have the most incredible life planned for him, and I want for nothing else but to follow in his footsteps, to learn everything he does, to follow him, and be his disciple.
Sadly, I am being called to another channel in the road of life. I find it no coincidence that God decided for this man to be called to move on as I am graduating, along with many of my teachers. This month has thrown much change at my life, and I feel that God means to tell me that my roads are not to be always set in stone. My foundations on this earth have shifted slightly, and it disconcerts me just as slightly. I have a foundation made of God, though, working through this man to fortify said structure.
This farewell to this man is not, to me, a final goodbye. I have a feeling, call it divine intuition, that God will send the threads of our lives out, curving back to meet each other in a fantastic fashion. God's not done with me, and He's not done with Him. I will pray for this man every day, anxiously awaiting that moment in days future when we meet each other again/ When that day comes, I will be able to continue our relationship of mentor to student, except that I will be able to help him more greatly, and for this prospect I am humbled and pleased.
This man is my youth pastor. This man is of Him, and for His glory. This man is Bobby Musil, and I see only great things in his life. If I had another year, I'd write down his quotes and commit them to memory. Remember Bobby, the shadow proves the sunshine. Every day, in every way. Thank you.  

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