Monday, July 9, 2012

Fireworks and LDRS31!

This next week is going to be FUN. I’m off to the largest rocket launch in my life, launching the largest rocket in my life (650 lbs on liftoff, 120 lbs of which is propellant), and the Discovery Channel will be there!

 This last week, I put together a fireworks shoot for the Capital City Club, with the owner of said rocket. Burl Finkelstein is an amazing man, who will one day get a post all about him. For today, though, I’ll talk about that fireworks shoot. Over two hundred shells. Over 900 pounds of black powder. I shot off more black powder that day than most people do in their entire lives, even most gunmen. Interestingly enough, I found the construction more fun than the shoot itself. Now that the mystery of the event is done, I no longer find the fireworks to be as enticing and myserious. Instead, I enjoy the labor of setting it all up. More than I should....

 But I can't stay, I need to help my father pack! See you in Rochester! Oh, before I go, here's one of my poems!

 More to come!

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