Monday, July 23, 2012

Creationism vs Evolutionism

Okay, time for a recipe:
1: Get obtain equal amounts of stubborn evolutionists and stubborn Christian in the same room.
2: Close all exits, barricade them with heavy objects
3: Bake for 30 minutes
4: Open the doors. If you don't see either party dead as a result of the other, then the result will be a creationist debate leading up to said homicide.

I’ve recently been privy to such a debate, which didn't end the same way as the above recipe would indicate. The way these debates go, both parties use natural places, events, and animals to disprove each other. Whether it's a rock formation which tells of rapid re-polarization of the magnetic field, or a meticulous evolutionary ancestry diagram, or some beetle or giraffe which can't possibly have evolved from something prior (due to several subsystems inside said animals which would be useless unless they mutated simultaneously, which is very, very unrealistic), these two parties will inevitably meet up several times a year, trade falsehoods about each other, then leave in a huff.

To the Evolutionist: please stop. I believe your idea is more sane, as my God is a sensible and logical God, and the theory of evolution has been proven a few times in human history (Google: Samurai Crab). This is not to say I believe in it all the way, as there ARE holes in most ancestries that cannot presently be filled. There are, however enough complete section of the ancestries that I can accept the theory.

To the Creationist: I had a Creationist as my Biology teacher, and in his single-minded attempts to sell Creationism to my class, he almost forgot to teach the curriculum. He had several Creationist posters in his room, and one pertained to geology's proving Creationism. There's on rock formation near a volcano , which twists. I forgot what that means, but somehow that points to a very young earth. Point is, I don't enjoy when someone takes one small section of the Earth that has some small exceptions, packages it, and displays it as if it speaks for the entire world. If you've got evidence, I’d prefer evidence that speaks for the entire world. I do enjoy looking at the specimens which seem to reject an ancestor, though.

For both sides, I say this: Drop it. To the Evolutionist, I couldn't care less. It's a fun theory, and opens doors to interesting ideas. To the Creationist, I’d suggest you read a little more into the world God gave us.

I believe that either theory misses the point entirely. In the Bible's story of creation, I believe the things that are being created aren't important. It's that God created. Every day in the “seven” consisted of something that was started by God, made by God, and deemed worthy by God. It focused on the Creator, not the creation. If we bog ourselves down hyper-focusing on how we got here, we miss the point of why we are here.

Instead of Creationism or Evolutionism, I propose Creation. The fact that it happened.

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