Tuesday, August 14, 2012

In Defense of Bigotry

I feel I must expound upon my previous topic, my view of homosexuality. I will take a step back, and approach the topic of bigotry in general. Bigotry is the belittling and shaming of one idea, lifestyle, or opinion. Whether or not this shaming and belittling is based on fact or not is of no concern to the definition, though in recent years, the word has been skewed to the state where one is assured that there is no backing to said shaming. Thus, bigotry is a word used to describe the worst of oppression. Personally, I feel this word has been used too much in society (much in the same way as the “racist” card would be pulled, though this card is more flexible).

In recent days, anyone who feels their position is just can simply pull out this “bigotry card” and instantly turn the population against their rivals. Examples include homosexual rights, “class warfare”, and racism. In all three cases, in today's day and age, I feel this card is used in many more cases to vilify the opposition than is just. I have not traveled the world much, but my experience has shown me that people of this age are generally open and accepting. My experience has also shown me that there are things so vile to some that they will not approach others engaging in the act. I, upon encountering a Pepsi drinker, usually scream, throw my hands up in the air, and run into the nearest forest, where I recover from my harrowing experience. This would describe about the most violent reaction I have towards any group.

My point is, if you are the minority in any given opinion, then going on a personal vendetta against the paradigm will not win you any awards. There is such a thing as bigotry against bigotry (or, “anti-bigotry”), and it can be just as narrow-minded and nonsensical as the original bigotry. People are entitled to their beliefs, and hating them for it will do you no good. Hate will be answered by further hate, and the vicious cycle escalates. I propose grace. If you have a man who hates you because your sexuality, then be kind. Feeding hate with kindness starves it of its gusto, and effectively kills it. This may take several years, though I have seen firsthand the effect it has, much like the tide (slowly moving sand until there's a completely new shoreline)

On another note, the person on the other side of the debate also is entitled to their opinion. In the land of the free, the culture sets the norms. These norms are becoming more and more amorphous, and eventually, your rights will be given. Wage a war of peace, and it'll come sooner. You must prove to the world that your movement is mature and responsible. Much like a human's maturation, the world will not take the movement seriously unless it proves it can be taken seriously. With this recent event with Chick-fil-a, the homosexual community showed that it cannot accept anyone who differs from their opinion, much like an immature entity. Add to this the fact that the anti-bigotry was much more harsh than the bigotry itself, and the homosexual community came out seeming very immature and selfish.

My opinion is that the homosexual community should be given equality in the eyes of the law, as we are built on equality. The culture, though, should decide what the norms are and what they aren't, and that opinion is based off of millions of differing views, with a very, very wide average. It's very difficult to gauge the average of millions of opinion, though it has been done by pushing the average's change (Martin Luther King Jr., can attest to this). I simply ask that, when you do push, be gentle. The minds of millions cannot easily be swayed, and they all shut against hate.  

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