Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chick-Fil-A, Homosexuality, and Tolerance

Today I speak on an issue which has endured much more media strain than I thought it would, and the underlying issues surrounding it. Chick-fil-a has always been an eatery grounded in morals of family, faith in God, and darn good food. Recently, though, it has come under fire by the LGBT community for a comment made by it's CEO about his family values. I find all sorts of quotes from him, most of which I question the validity of. Either way, most of them tend to be pretty damning. Which is why I’ll defend him, by speaking to all sides. Find your block of people below:

To All Involved (This means you): As a Christian, I must make it clear what “homosexuality” is defined as, and why it is bad, using the Bible and common (Christian) sense. Romans 1: 26-27 says:

Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.

So, God doesn't like homosexuality. Why? Well, there's a reason God put a penis on a man, and a vagina on a woman. Making children doesn't happen in the normal course of day-to-day activities; humans don't pollinate. To make it really easy if we couldn't figure out how to work it on our own, He made it extremely pleasurable for a man and woman to engage in this normal intercourse. God enjoys purpose being fulfilled. When people commit to homosexuality, they take the purpose God intended, and reject it. Insert Pride, the original sin.

Now, throughout history, homosexuals were quiet, tending to stay “in the closet”, for fear of public discovery and shunning. In recent years, however, the opposite is true, it seems. They come out of the closet and are rewarded. The shame of the past turns into Pride, as a small minority organizes, adding their voices to shout down anyone still verbal about their clinging to “old ways”.

To Heterosexual Christians: Do everything in your power to avoid hating homosexuals. They are sinning, just as you and I sin. All sins are equal before god, so there isn't much reason to make one worse than another. In much the same way, we cannot endorse homosexuality by allowing our church to recognize and accept their marriages in the eyes of God. When the church recognizes a marriage, it means that it recognizes it before God. See above “rejecting purpose”, and you'll understand the predicament. Much better orators than I can argue this point better.

To Homosexual Christians: I do not hate you. I see you in the way I see a person who has sinned, much like any other person. Sadly, I also cannot agree with your opinion that God has ordained you to be homosexual. With my porn addiction, I sometimes felt that God gave me it as a gift, something to reward me for my service to Him. Sadly, the scriptures are against us both. Porn (or, Adultery), much in the same way as I stated above about homosexuality, is stated directly in the Bible as being against God. As much as I’d love to think porn is God's gift to me, sadly it is rather a phenomenon he has allowed to exist, to allow my Free Will to work.

To Homosexuals in General: I will concede that, physically, I see nothing wrong with homosexuality (though I wouldn't be caught dead engaged in the act personally). I will concede that your marriage in the eyes of American law is something that should be done, and I’d rather you have it. What I will not concede to is your attacking of anyone in opposition to you. Your movement is one of equality, is it not? Your attacking of Chick-fil-a's moral values is just as showing of many things: your immaturity as a group (which I will talk about below), your easily offended nature, and your insistence on pushing your own norm, to the exclusion of all others.

Your immaturity as a group leads to a problem, in that several members of your group have seen the worst of anti-homosexual propaganda (though I have seen none), and thus see every small statement contrary to their beliefs as “hateful” and “intolerant”. I hope you are not too young to understand that intolerance can come from any side of the argument. There is much hate against hate against homosexuality, much more than I see hate against homosexuality. I will allow you to have your own opinions; please let me have mine.

(It's interesting how I now notice a rise of hate against hate against hate against homosexuality. More interesting still, is in that every new rise of hate, the moniker “hate” becomes less of an apt description of the phenomenon, becoming replaced with “observation” and “tolerance”. I wonder is the civil rights movements of the 50's and 60's echoed this.)

Lastly, to Chicago, Philadelphia, and any other city which declared intent to restrict Chick-Fil-A from opening stores in your limits: shame on you. I figured a bunch of politicos would be able to understand that they have about as much say in this as the law allows (which isn't much). Let the cultures decide who sets up shop where. In the same breath as you used to declare your intent against Chick-Fil-A, you declared intent against the first Amendment. Of all the insanities committed in the long struggle of homosexuality, this is what makes me the most furious. In a free country, you have no right to issue declarations such as this. When a city ignores a Ku Klux Klan group inside its limits (which most cities have), but starkly speaks out against a well-known, profitable corporation, based on family values and courtesy (CFA has some of the best staff I’ve had the pleasure of knowing anywhere. Any CFA.), shame and hypocrisy indeed fall on the governing body.

My view is this: Let homosexuals have marriage in the eyes of American Law, for I see no problem with this. As a Christian, I will not stand for Christian homosexuals to be married in the eyes of the Church. Such approval on one specific sin is blasphemous. City governments should know when they're being idiots in the eyes of the Law, and beliefs can be attacked by and from either side of an argument. I would prefer to preach tolerance, as this is the American way. Tolerance of people's disbelief in something, and Tolerance in people's belief of something. For, when Tolerance reigns, logical, theological, and calm political discussion can open, and lead to a decision which the majority of people can agree on and accept. 

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