Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Story from the Redditubes

I come with a praise today. A friend of mine on the /r/Christianity subreddit posted two days ago that he was going to kill himself with his rifle. Yesterday, he didn't say *anything*. Last night, i was awake all night with cold shivers, terrified of his fate, praying to God that he'd be saved from this mistake. 

This man's pastor called the man when his rifle was in his mouth, and instinctively knew something was wrong. He stayed on the phone the entire way till he knocked on the man's door. He was shown the love of God, and this morning he looked at my and my friends' declarations of prayer and consolation. He's now given his life entirely over to Christ, saying, "My life is no where near done, at least by my own hands."

God is alive and saving people, for His mysterious and glorious aims. I'm grateful for God's work in this man's life, and pray that He continues to save millions of people who's stories don't make it to the news as a body, but whose stories touch the hearts and lives of simple, depraved men such as myself.

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