Saturday, January 19, 2013

Preparation for Freedom Speeches (Jan 19th)

January 19, 2013

Awake, awake, awake my soul!
God, resurrect these bones,
From death, to life,
from You alone, awake my soul!

I'm going to go a little in-depth about what I’ve done so far; by no means is this all I’ve done. Today I’m doing nothing but homework, so I might as well work on this for an hour.

As soon as I realized I could use my voice, I typed up a fiery sermon, all on my own, using the information in my head. The caustic nature of the sermon was birthed from my deepest hatred of slavery, and I rejected the sermon (I put it up on Reddit and my blog, to general fanfare) due to its unsavory nature.

It was at this moment I realized (a week ago) that I needed other people's help. I thus went to my campus ministry (KSU-SPSU BCM) and asked their help. On the 14th, I got a wealth of information from my campus minister (Dave Stewart), and said that I would start Wednesday.

The 16th was the busiest day I've ever had on my own accord. Sure, I’ve had busier days because of other people's prerogatives, but this day had me going all across the campus getting information, and quickly categorizing the types of need per campus. I never have before made a checklist, let alone *completed* one.

Advertisement and reservation information: I need to know where and how I can put up advertisements. This means I need someone to talk to the campus student services center (at my school, it's called Student Life) to get the papers to allow this. Most reservation systems are online, and only take a faculty member to allow for it; others require only a student's signing up (SPSU's system is thankfully lenient). Advertisement policies generally get more strict as the campus size increases, as I have deduced from comparing SPSU's and KSU's policies.

Body of believers: I've only seen one college where Christian organizations get their own page (Reinhardt, I love you for the simplicity. Now, if your organization student leaders can get back to me, I can get the ball rolling). In most cases, you simply must connect to a larger body (a church, alma mater, and your own college ministry) to find a connection into a campus. Otherwise, you must go to the campus itself cold, as I did with Life University, and find the organizations yourself via said Student Services center. I have not yet found a campus without a Christian Organization; if none exists, feel free to create one, and let God order your steps in its managing.

The speech itself: I feel this is what I will be least prepared for, no matter how much work I put into the presentation. This is all on me, and thus I am most unsure.

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