Sunday, February 10, 2013

Glory of God - I Am A Door Holder.

Hey guys, I don't commonly urge things upon people, as I usually don't involve myself with things that are both beneficial to the soul and universally enjoyed. Passion City's the difference. This night at 6:45, i was outside in the rain parking cars, and i had the most intimate moment with God that i've had in a while. While a particularly intense parking situation (bus was coming, cars were piling up, nobody was moving), God came to me, and filled me with joy.

The cold rain turned warm, and my happiness tripled as i began singing that good old song, I'll Fly Away. I had no rain jacket, and was wet to my skin. The cars went through, and we got in early. As i was a pneumonia magnet, i took off as many layers as i decently could and got my poetry book out, and cranked out a beautiful 5 lines of grace. I saw two of my friends that I haven't seen in a long while, and heard a beautiful message. The exit of the crowd was smoother, due in part to my having a rain jacket then. One the way back home, i listened to Tomlin's "Shepherd Boy" song all the way back, and after dropping him off, proceeded to praise God for the next half hour.

I'm not a hero of the faith,
I'm not as strong as i thought i was,
I'm just a shepher boy,
Singin' to a choir of burnin' lights...

Guys, my week is crowned by my being on the parking team, bringing God the glory rain or shine. Being a Door Holder has strengthened me in my walk with God, and I've grown to love him more and more every week i go. The amazing part is, the tougher my job is as a parking team member, the better - because that means more people are there. If you're not a Door Holder, Then let this be the one time I urge you to drop everything you do and become one. His glory shines through you, friends. It *shines*.

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