Thursday, February 17, 2011


Today, driving home, I had that moment I wait for, and very rarely find. In the afternoon sun, in the midst of a cloudless day, I exited my school, and exited with elation.
The world was thrown into sharp focus. Instead of the usual clear vision I get, where I can pick a person out in the crowd, I could see the color of said person’s eyes today. Instead of a clump of leaves, I saw the veins on the single. The ridges of bark replaced the vague trunk. The world was thrown into sudden high definition, bright and vibrant.
Now, this has more than one meaning to me. I’ve noticed that, whenever I make a decision I feel morally just, I get this burst of clarity. When I have a great day at school, as I had today, the clarity is stunning. I look around, see the sharpness of the world, and know I did well.
I’ve heard that, when one is in a state of elation, said person opens their eyes slightly more, allowing more of the world’s light to soak into them. This translates into the phenomenon I just described.
I haven’t asked anyone if they’ve ever felt such clarity, or whether or not they have some sort of visual response to a decision they felt morally correct. This may be because I am sure they would look at me strangely, the way any sane man would look at one who they are compelled to feel is not. I am not one to be too sure of my own sanity, so I do not beg the chance that someone think I am.
If we all feel such clarity, whether it be at dawn, noon, or dusk, maybe the reason I haven’t been told is that such occurrences are not usually described to one another, such as getting an average grade on a test. Nobody ever shouts out “I got an eighty-five! WOOT!” Save for myself and some few friends, of course.

So, if you generate a sharp sense of clarity in the eyes or in other senses, comment below. If these eighty or so comments are from my hitting the refresh button to beef up my view count, then I guess I just responded to myself. 

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