Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Death of a Beard and...Futbol !!!

Today I had to sacrifice my beard stubble to the unappeasable beast that is my school’s dress code. People said it looked ratty, tatty, even downright disgusting. I had someone come up, smile at my upper face, look to my chin and suppress a gag reflex. I call my stubble “scruffy indifference”, as it is indeed scruffy, but only because I wish to remain indifferent at said scruffiness. As the small pieces of hair drowned in the tap water, I said goodbye to my honored hairs, promising I would have kept them into maturity, had I been given the chance. As it is, I am now nude in my chin place. But enough crying for lost lives, onto the insanity of the day.
I went to a soccer game today, which started just as the sun sank low enough to make the giant blinding lights necessary for competitive play. In timely fashion, I arrived half an hour late, after calling several friends as to where the fields were. You see, my school decided they needed an athletic complex the size of a small county, and thus needed to maul down a large swath of trees to make it. Now, I don’t feel for the trees, but I do feel for the people who’ve never been to this place before. Twice I turned the wrong way, and, unlike the lights at a large public school, the lights at my school were too dim to cause a halo of light over the trees. Finally, after a phone call to a friend who was there, I arrive in the complex.
What I saw wasn’t exactly surprising, considering the size of our school. Soccer seems to be one of those games in which the players on the team outnumber the fans in the seats. I found maybe thirty of the students at this game, even though it was a home game. I’d bet it was the light chill that set upon the field.
This game was predestined to be a completely one-sided match. Our people were better, more foreign, and all spoke at least two languages. The people on the other team looked to be all completely American. They never stood a chance.
I left during the third quarter, after some detestable people joined the small group of people at the game. We were winning 7-1.
Again, I pity their team. Or, maybe I pity both. 

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