Sunday, February 13, 2011

Finding Sense from the Sanity

Why try to break into blogging fame and wealth? Why try to break into this small corner of the world? i could try doing it somewhere else, but my father said it perfectly: "people in the world succeed mainly because they've been noticed." i want to be noticed. and, when i end up getting noticed, i'll reward you with... uh.... whatever i can that won't cost me money.
so, as to what I'm gonna release on the net, i'm a seventeen year old in northern Georgia. i'm a fanatic rocketeer, though you won't find me posting alot of that, mostly because i haven't got much to say. i'm always known as "that crazy cuban", so no advice i'd give is sane. but it IS sensible. hopefully, one of the things i'll say is terrible enough to get noticed by the news, then i'd get hired by some television station, make my millions, and retire richer than Bill Gates....
one can hope.

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