Friday, October 12, 2012

Poet Searching for a Stage

I have been given an incredible gift in my life, one which has a degree of uniqueness that I find incredible. This gift has no large following (that I know of) that many of its contemporaries enjoy, but I feel that this can be used to just as great an effect as said contemporaries. If you are one of the few people I am blessed to know, you can name this gift easily.

The art of Spoken Word, I believe, is something that God hand-picked for me. He put Ms. Ruth is my life at the ripe young age of eleven, to reveal my skill to me and the world. Even though I reeled at this new-found art in my life, he did not stop there, going on to throw inspiration in my life from everywhere; a pattern of the wall or something the teacher said in a lecture. It was only later, when I bought my poem book, that I realized the degree of skill I was given in this field.

Years later, I learned the value of being humble with this gift, though no fault of mine caused the epiphany. I found that, if I put myself as the creator of this poetry, I would be usurping the throne of God in my arrogance. It would be as if I, a man with a decent singing voice, were to sing a song by Chris Tomlin as if I sang as well as he can, when he was in the car with me barreling down the highway. God made birds, and their voices are much greater than mine. I assure you, I do my best to refrain from calling this poetry “mine”.

After an entire book is filled (I have ten pages left of my original journal), I finally feel I have a wide enough variety of topics to be of use to a wide variety of audiences. This is inspired by a verse I was reading yesterday, prompted by a prior mentor and persisting friend of mine, Bobby Musil. In asking him where God wanted me to go in my life, he responded with three passages from the Bible, one of which was the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5-7. Chapter 7 verse 7 reads:

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

(by the way, Bobby, I have read through these passages multiple times, but I need to read through them more)
I will begin knocking here. Even if you are not a leader in your ministry, church, or organization, please pass this along to them. I will speak before a variety of audiences, from school gatherings (my alma mater happens to be a Christian private school), to church services, to business meetings. I only have two requirements:

-The purpose of the function be glorifying Jesus Christ, whether directly or simply a Christian function.
-I am not glorified over Christ.

The service will be free (as a college student, I am obligated to accept donations). If you are interested, my email is

Email me, or pass my email along to someone who will. And thank you, for giving me the opportunity to share this inspiration. Here is one of my pieces (Note: I need to record this again; this audio did not please me)

subjects of poetry:
the spirit of giving/serving
The Prodigal Father
the High Road
Others soon to come

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