Friday, October 5, 2012


Today, i have a poem, inspired by God's Word, spoken through a man after His own heart.
This is based off of the Story of the Lost Son - Luke ch.15: 11-32

The enemy I have listened to,
Whispered me a gilded sick lie,
Cropped out all of its truth,
I was sold on a lie that looks good to the eye.

In the house, (not free from sin),
I fell prey to the lies of if & when,
Took my inheritance,
My Father thought erased,
And left to far away to waste my grace.

I spent it all, and famine came,
Once so strong, I became so lame.
Mistakes made real through unforeseen,
Through trial, from the lie, I was weaned!

This incredible letdown of a lifetime,
Let me go astray,
Twas inconceivable at the time,
That this is where I’d be!

I came to my senses at my lowest ebb,
Was feeding pigs when I set my thoughts straight,
Thought to extricate myself from this web,
And how much food Father's servants ate.

And so I made a speech for Him,
Twenty-seven letters long,
I’d beg retribution for my sin,
Through punishment, I’d atone the wrong!

As I was still far away,
I saw a figure run to me,
My Father! I know He hates,
I prepare my speech, my plea:

“Father, I have sinned against heaven and in Your sight-
I am no longer worthy to be called Your son--”
Your embrace muted me, in Your love I calmed my plight,
You held me as You threw a party for Your found son.

All along, I thought:
“O Great Father, I don't deserve the gift!
I've taken Your inheritance and squandered it!
What I’d done to deserve Your love I can't think of,
But let me work in Your fields till the kingdom come!

Why do You kill the fatted calf for me?
After all I've done – I've made You weep!
Is it this strong, my Father – Your Love??
This is the love of the One Above!”

But what of my brother? Where is he?
You leave my side to go out to him,
He hears not Your call, ignores Your plea,
His anger boils over at the brim:

“Why revel for this son of Yours?
He spoiled your will – HAVE YOU FORGOT?
No party given for my constant work,
Though this party shows his punishment is naught!”

The rage consumed him, with one word You calmed -
“Teknon – child – loved one – be calm.
There is a place in My House for you;
But my son was lost – is found! - joy so true!”

These brothers are us -
One far away, one thinks he's close,
One wastes grace, the other works for more -
BOTH equally loved, both thought not,
Such grace was not easily bought

It took the Teller of this story true,
To let Himself die for us – and you,

The story of the Prodigal Father –
Lavish in every grace and way,
I, a proud man, as it were,
Am humbled by the power of His Word!

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