Monday, October 1, 2012

A Fictitious Theory on Godhood

Note: The theories explained in this post have no weight on my perceptions of reality, but are merely as fictitious in my mind as the stories of dragons and magic I am equally enamored with

A long time ago, I read half of The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins, wherein I was introduced to an exciting theory, and this is an abstract of the writing: thinking from a nonbeliever's perspective, the listening to our every thought of, responding to said thoughts of, and manipulations of a higher power as recorded in the Bible would point to the existence of technology so advanced, so incredible. The fact that we have yet to find a single tangible piece of evidence toward this power points further to its omnipotence. But, because the term of technology was used, it impregnates the mind with a thought that humans can achieve this ability.

Then, I began to delve into the realm of fiction further, melding this theory with the theory of multiple universes, or that this universe is a cycle of collapse and re-expansion. The result is that in a past expansion, mortals developed the technology of gods, and survived the collapse. Then, they honed this, and became higher powers, entities, giving up their “humanity”, their “mortality”, to become god(s). could not these “gods” develop technology to produce separate creations, as I did in my blog post earlier?

Thus, a new area of fiction erupts in my mind. Demons could be the angels of another demigod, and our demigod could be the first to make a perfect species, hiding his creation from the others, for he knows of their jealousy. Could the constellations then be other demigods, searching for us while they take their laboratories with us? Could not a black hole be the garbage pile of the gods, where one would find the best materials?

As you can see, this is the fiction I dabble in. In the future, I will produce a novel based on the idea. I've always wanted to make a “sensible” notion for magic to occur, and technology of such an advanced degree as to allow for such “magic” would make for an interesting twist.

Stay Tuned. 

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