Sunday, November 11, 2012

Passion City Church: For His Renown.

In life, one needs a community of like-minded people to commune, engage in activities, and share ideas with. When I went to Passion City Church, while wondering if I should go to their annual Passion conference, I came expecting a mega-church. I expected their volunteers to be saying hello because the volunteer sign-in sheet suggested they do so. I expected several small, tight-knit groups, walking in tandem yet oblivious to each other, walking to the sanctuary, where a classic moving worship experience could be had. I was expecting to get doped up on the spirit, alone in the crowd, and leave high on the spirit. I had no idea how far I was from the truth.

My first experience there showed me as mistaken. Each person I passed on the parking crew seemed so cheerful and upbringing, letting me know there was a spot inside. The building was a whitewashed rectangle with the words “515 Garson Drive” up front. The Touch Team inside made sure I was welcome, one person dedicating herself to finding me a chair as close to the stage as possible. On my way to the chair, three or four random people asked how I was. By the time I sat down, I met and remembered those four people's names. The gathering was intense, yet I felt we worshiped as one. The pastor preached on the book of John, chapter... three or seven, I believe. I left wondering whether I had imagined the connection, and I was just going there for the high. Later, I made the distinction perfectly clear to myself: it was not Passion City I was thrilled by, it was that I heard God stating His love for me in that building, every time I go to a gathering.

Last month, I decided to join the Passion movement, and bring glory to Christ through my actions. I am now on the parking crew. I am a Door Holder. I have seen the glory that Christ shows inside the building, and I hold the door open outside to let people who haven't seen the glory, see the glory and amazement inside. I have been repeatedly blessed in the short time I have participated, and am thrilled to have the chance to do this again today. More on this later, including the culture of Passion City.  

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