Friday, January 13, 2012

Passion 2012 Freedom

A million targeted, most doubt the prevail,
College age kids can't handle such a task!
The hour-long lines told a much different tale,
A tale that told of the target triple passed!

All raised for the ending of a shame,
An injustice long without a name,
Enslavement happens much more than in the past,
Three million raised to make it end fast!

Ignorance: not an excuse,
Indifference: not a possibility,
Goal: to end the abuse,
Authority: for His glory.
If you're ever near the dome, go out and take a look at the international plaza, try to avoid looking at the giant, grotesque hand reaching for the sky. Try to avoid looking at the 27,000 raggy flags flapping in the wind. It's impossible, and I'd suggest you get yourself a cane or seeing eye dog if you missed it
Each of those flags represent a ten thousand slaves in this world. One of those slaves could maybe be represented by a single thread of one flag. The hand has on it multiple statements worth repeating, one of which reads, “SLAVERY STILL EXISTS”.
This video series captures the full horror of it all:
At the start of Passion 2012, Louie said confidently that we would hit the $1million mark. I wasn't skeptical, though only because my cynical mind already judged the people in the stadium MUCH more willing to give than their progenitors. Louie matched my thought by saying much the same a second later. What I was not expecting was the target to be broken in the start of the second full day, THEN be doubled on the last day, and more. A kind couple donated $500,000 to the cause. The total at end-Passion (I mean the end of the start of Passion) was $3.1million. The current total:
After the event, Google donated $11million towards anti-slavery campaigns. Here's the link to the full story.
In the interest of a flowing blog post, I will simply list the organizations this largesse helps at the end of the post.
One cause I'd like to emphasize is the forming of a new Atlanta task force designed to crack down on slavery in Atlanta. Atlanta has been named as a hub of human trafficking. Mayor Reed and Governor Deal were both at the movement to receive the donation, and from what they said, they are both Christians.
Fund a year-long prevention program that will reach 48,000 kids who are at-risk of being trafficked. Ukraine - $240,000 – A21 – Tiny Hands International–Build and fund 8 border monitoring stations and 8 safe homes that will help intercept victims as they are being trafficked. Nepal - $108,480
International Justice Mission–Fund 23 rescue operations that will provide freedom for hundreds of forced labor slaves. Chennai, India - $116,955
International Justice Mission–Fund a 2-year aftercare program for 1,100 forced labor slaves that have been freed. Chennai, India - $115,500
Hagar International–Fund holistic aftercare for 25 children rescued from horrific circumstances. Cambodia - $169,500
Wellspring Living–Renovate 12 apartment homes for survivors of sexual exploitation as they experience healing and a new future. Atlanta, Georgia - $141,240
City of Atlanta–Help fund a-Child Exploitation and Online Protection Squad through training, education, and social services. Atlanta, Georgia - $110,000
Not For Sale–Establish a vocational training program for 100 people at a manufacturing unit that provides jobs to survivors of human trafficking. New Delhi, India - $56,500
Not For Sale–Establish and fund (for 1 year) a crisis center for rescued victims of human trafficking. Cape Town, South Africa - $56,500
Restore International–Host 6 action-driven education conferences for 300 people on anti-trafficking for Traditional Healers, Police Officers, and Judges. Uganda - $40,680
Restore International–Fund 2 Ugandan High Court Session to bring to trial Witch Doctors or others responsible for human trafficking. Uganda - $36,160
Word Made Flesh–Purchase and renovate the Sari Bari building where women who have been exploited and trafficked can experience a new life through community and employment. Sonagachi, India - $129,950
Love146–Fund 6 certificate-training programs for 85 aftercare workers. These caregivers will serve 1,260 survivors of child slavery and exploitation over the next year. Asia - $47,460
Love146–Restore and reconcile 18 rescued children to their families and communities. Philippines - $16,385
Restavek Freedom Foundation–Build a safe house for 16 young girls who have been rescued from abusive situations of child slavery. Port Salut, Haiti - $169,500
As Our Own–Build an Innovation Center for young girls born into brothels, but rescued before they were exploited. Ahmednagar, India - $239,560
NightLight International–Provide alternative employment, training and care for 15 women who have been rescued from sexual exploitation. Bangkok, Thailand - $50,850
Bombay Teen Challenge–Fund a restoration program for 50 women that includes housing, care, education, and employment for 1 year. Badlapur, India - $84,750
International Justice Mission–Fund 15 rescue operations that will result in freedom for dozens of women and children. Mumbai, India - $76,275 –
You also donated 33,880 towels and 170,250 socks for Atlanta area homeless shelters.

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