Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Passion 2012: Wrapup.

So, what has Passion 2012 done for me?
1: It's told me, in the manner only a mob of believers could, that Christ is not anywhere near death.
2: It's told me that, if I have a small heart for Jesus, if I feel that Jesus is not that powerful, then everything earthly magnifies in power. When my heart is for Jesus, problems of this world become small.
3: Jesus has come to bring us back to life (Sort of overdone). We are completely dead in our life on Earth, and when death rears its ugly head on the end of our time here, Jesus will save us and bring us to Heaven.
4: When forty-four thousand people go ANYWHERE, it's usually very slowly.
5: The line to give to the cause of freedom was at least two hours long at some times in the afternoon.
If you did not
6: if you find a way past #4, stake out a chair. Not doing this as soon as humanly possible will result in sleeping on the ground.
7: be prepared for 19-hour days if you commute to the Dome from Roswell, GA. If you got a hotel, you have another hour or two. (my days were 21-hour... and I don't think I actually made it to my bed either of those days)
8: #6 is crucial if you wish to have more than 5 hours of sleep.
9: Main sessions are criminally loud if you don't follow #8 and #6.
10: Bootlegging things into the Dome is too easy. No, really... I wish I was kidding...
11: #10 is illegal, I do not recommend it. **cough**
12: Things like Passion 2012 really spark my creative fire again. I've got 5 new poems I can trace back to P2012.
13: Besides #1, #2, #3, the most important thing is that Passion is a MOVEMENT. If Passion 2012 stopped on January 5th, then it was all for naught.  
For His Renown. 

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