Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Passion 2012 Primer

Forty Five thousand at the dome.
Fifty thousand watching at home.
3million raised for His renown,
Raised for a cause that’ll never back down!
A while ago, I was texting while driving, and I was involved in an accident because of it. That’s the day I became a statistic, and only a statistic. There was no story to that.
In contrast, there are 27 million stories out there, all enslaved to someone else. These stories aren’t known, aren’t acknowledged. There are this many slaves in the world, more than the entire history of the slave trade combined. It’ not just a statistic…

Coming back from Passion 2012, my first thought was, “Wow, Passion 2012 was awesome! Louie and Chris and Matt and…”
Then I realized that Passion is something different. It is a movement, a mindset. Passion 2012 is something you take out into the world. It’s not four days; it’s the rest of your life.
If I have to say I took something away from this, it is this: we are dead. We can’t save ourselves, for we are putridly sinful, even on our best days. Only through Jesus’s intervention on our day of death can we achieve salvation.
More to come… next I will speak on the songs of Passion 2012.

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